How AI can help define roles for women in technology

So, not only more women are required in AI, their presence should be more diversified as well.

A woman should dare to dream and must have the courage to live up to her dream. That would be her biggest contribution to society. Women empowerment is impossible without women in power. Women with educational and technical qualifications are breaking all glass ceilings to establish their niche in the contemporary world. Technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) are paving ways for women to achieve personal and professional goals.

Technology as a means of equality: Technology rewards those who recognise it. This unisex power is playing a pivotal role in the socio-economic development of people and societies, and around the globe AI is emerging as the weapon of women empowerment with innumerable opportunities in the technology sector.
Jackie Hunter (CEO, BenevolentBio), Carolina Galleguillos (machine learning engineer, Thumbtack), Ayse Naz Erkan (staff data scientist, Twitter), Jane Wang (research scientist, DeepMind), Carol Reiley (co-founder, and Fei-Fei Li (chief scientist, Google Cloud) are among those exemplary women in the technology world who are immensely contributing to AI-led disruptions; the identity they have derived from technology is inspiring thousands of women all over the world.

Moving from zero to one: Although the technology sector has witnessed a paradigm shift in terms of women participation, it still requires a speedier and more holistic growth that may ensure higher participation. So far, for every dollar a male founder makes, his female counterpart earns 39 cents. In global tech giants such as Facebook, Apple and Google, the ratio of male-female employees is 3:1; the number of women in leadership roles across industry is embarrassingly small. Going lower in the hierarchy, their presence diminishes from top to bottom. The most popular C-level position amongst females, in terms of the total number, is CEO; but in terms of ratio, females are a minority across all C-level roles—with HR and talent acquisition as exceptions. So, not only more women are required in AI, their presence should be more diversified as well.

Femme future: The world is looking up to AI. From software programmers to system auditors, AI can provide equal employment opportunities to women. Be it Siri or developments in Alexa, from ideation to implementation of these technologies the role of women technologists is significant. AI is emerging as the millennial career option for women, and in the future the demand for women talent is only expected to increase.

The author is CEO & co-founder, ADG Online Solutions, a digital marketing and web development solutions company