Asus announces ROG Phone II Ultimate Edition with 1TB of storage

Asus’ ROG Phone II is already a flagship Android phone worth getting excited about because of its buttery-smooth 120Hz OLED display and top-of-the-line specs. But today the company announced an upgraded version, the ROG Phone II Ultimate Edition, that contains 1TB of storage and an exclusive matte black finish. LTE performance is also faster and supports Cat 20 4G LTE download speeds with theoretical peaks up to 2Gbps. But the hook is that 1TB of built-in UFS 3.0 storage, which doubles the 256GB or 512GB maximum you get with many Android flagships.

Everywhere else, the Ultimate Edition is identical to the standard ROG Phone II — but that’s still plenty impressive. Inside is a Snapdragon 855 Plus (clocked higher than the 855 in every other high-end Android phone) and a “special” Adreno 640 GPU that also outperforms the regular version.

But the big draw is that 6.59-inch 1080p OLED screen, which can play optimized games at high refresh rates to keep everything sharp and fluid. As with the Razer Phone 2 and OnePlus 7 Pro, even scrolling around and navigating the phone should feel noticeably smoother and lag-free. Asus has said that the phone’s massive 6,000mAh battery will be able to power it through marathon PUBG Mobile sessions running at 60Hz. And “a newly designed 3D vapor chamber” promises to keep the Qualcomm processor running fast without throttling. If you do manage to warm it up, you still have the option of clipping on a fan accessory for even more robust cooling.

The ROG Phone 2 certainly won’t be for everyone. Its design is the opposite of understated and very PC gamer. You’ll either like it or dismiss it immediately. There’s no telling what to expect from its 48-megapixel camera. And the Ultimate Edition is, well, priced like an Ultimate Edition. It’ll cost €1,199 compared to €899 for the regular. The ROG Phone II will be available later this month, with the Ultimate Edition following in October. From the sounds of it, you’ll only be able to buy the maxed out device direct from Asus.